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The story of the first game I played is also the story of the day I learned my first curse word.

My brothers had gotten hold of a rather illegal console, the Family Game, which was very popular in my home country of Argentina.

The game was an 8-bit platformer from Japan with a name we couldn’t decipher. It had very primitive graphics. You played as a pixelated blurb that could generously be described as a goblin. My brothers called him “El duendecito ch*to.”

I startled my mother by screaming I wanted to “Play with Ch*to!!” because I didn’t know that “Ch*to” is a very vulgar slang word that means “dick.”

I was six, or seven years old. I’m thirty-one now, and still very slow at guessing what slang words mean.

The same console gave me my first heroine.

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